Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I See You Sam Worthington

Last Friday I went to see Clash of the Titans and I thought that Id write a little review so here it is. I'll be splitting it into two categories the good and the bad.

The Good

1. The CGI - the CGI in this movie was bananas. Everything from the giant scorpions, to medusa, to the kraken, and Liam Nelson's Santa Clause beard looked fantastic. Okay so the last one wasn't CGI but it was hilarious to look at.

2. Action Scenes- the action sequences in this movie were another strongpoint for this film. While watching them I found myself totally engrossed in what was happening on screen and I was fully entertained while they were going on. These scenes are the best part of the movie.

3. The Ladies- the two main female characters in this movie were Princess Andromeda played by Alexa Davalos and Io played by Gemma Arterton. These two ladies are very attractive and the fact that Io accompanied Sam Worthington and the other men on their quest kept it from being a total sausage fest onscreen. Also if you have a fetish for a trio of witch sisters who are blind and share one eyeball to see then this is the movie has a little something for you.

The Bad

1. Rushed and Undeveloped - Man the beginning of this movie must have been late for an appointment because it was gone before you could get comfortable in your seats. The first 20 minutes feel really rushed and it was obvious that the movie wanted to get to the main story as quick as possible. Unfortunately this rushed feeling is not confined to the beginning but spread throughout the movie basically whenever there isn't an action scene happening. As a result of this rushing characters and sub plots go undeveloped and things that should be compelling aren't. The only thing I wound up being interested in during the movie was watching Sam Worthington kill things.

2. Training Montage- okay so what's worse than a training montage? How about not having a training montage. In the movie Sam Worthington grew up a fisherman and at one point says that he has never picked up a sword before. So maybe the makers of Clash of the Titans thought having a training montage to show him learning to use one would be cheesy so instead they came up with a different answer to this situation. Their answer was that he just happens to be a sword expert. The first time he picks up a sword he defeats an expert soldier in a fight and to be honest it was stupid. Not only was this idea dumb it robbed me of a montage and we know everybody loves a montage.

3. Sam Worthington- In Clash of The Titans Sam Worthington plays the Main Character Perseus. But to be honest it didn't matter what his characters name was because he did a horrible job getting into the role. Every time someone called him Perseus I thought to myself why do they keep calling him that his name is Sam Worthington. He did not do a good job convincing you that he was Perseus and as A result I could just not connect with the character. All I can say is either Sam Worthington was not really trying this time around or he was truly convinced that the best way to play Perseus was just to act like Sam Worthington which in that case he did a great job.

Overall I thought Clash of the Titans was an okay movie and I give it 3 T 800 arms out of 5

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